Design for the modern, creative woman.

A champion of the slow fashion movement, Megan Huntz is passionate about conscious, well-crafted design. Her entire collection is created and manufactured in her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Working with all natural fibers, she uses her background in industrial design to explore fashion with a multi-disciplinary approach, always grounded in the philosophy that form follows function. 

Megan began her career in the Italian fashion industry after studying at Domus Academy. Years of working and living abroad have enriched her design language with a global perspective. Known for her embellishment of fabrics, like hand-dyeing and digital prints, she blurs the lines of fine art and fashion. She also creates limited edition runs with vintage dead-stock fabrics and large quantities of remnants, which play an important part in her point of view on sustainability: taking something that would otherwise be wasted and turning it into something beautiful, coveted, and perhaps most importantly, indisposable.

Since returning from Italy to her Southern roots in 2010, Megan has focused on designing collections that are deeply connected to a contemporary yet timeless sense of style.


Megan is wearing the Shana blouse. Photos by Mary Caroline Russell.