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Claire — East Atlanta heartbreaker.

Claire Toothill is talented, beautiful, and wildly creative. One of the first days I hung out with her she told me about her band, Coco and Clair Clair.

I asked what her music is like and she said, “It’s kind of hard to describe.” She pulled her collar up over her mouth and her eyes beamed widely. Then she pulled her collar back down and with a shy smile she whispered, “It’s kind of psycho.”



Claire is cute in the best possible way. She’s also stunningly enigmatic. And she’s funny, but it's not always obvious. In fact, nothing about her is obvious at all.

We talk about energy chords, astrology, and thrift store shopping. When I’m around her she makes me more creative. When I think of her singing in her room in front of the mirror, I get free.

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