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Jordan Wright Patternson—authentic as silk.

Before I met Jordan I had seen her a few times from a distance. Where did she come from?! Between her blonde curls and porcelain skin, her look has the romance of a Renaissance painting. Her style is nonchalant and chic, with a touch of men's tailoring. To meet her is a delight. Her southern accent, down to earth vibe, and warmth are completely disarming. 


Jordan is an artist, fashion stylist, and visual curator. Her work, style, and life as a mother and wife are one—expressing a soft, yet bold nature. She possesses the same kind of softness as silk. Gentle and humble, silk not to be mistaken with anything flimsy or fragile. Even though it's delicate, silk is real, resilient, and strong.

By drawing with a blade and cutting into sheets of flat white paper, Jordan's art pieces materialize as a flat, yet 3-dimensional compositions. It’s not a surprise to learn what inspires her most are the feminine form and shapes in nature. Her monochromatic, desert-y palette confirms her appreciation for simplicity and commitment to minimalism. But perhaps most importantly, Jordan's aesthetics are always true to their authentic source—the woman herself. 


Jordan was photographed by Jamie Hopper at Brick+Mortar, wearing Megan Huntz.