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Madolyn—a true gentlewoman.

Madolyn, otherwise known as Gentlewoman of the Road, is into clothing and kindness. If you are around the Poncey-Highland neighborhood in Atlanta, you may see her walking down the street clad in a smashing outfit (most likely vintage-inspired) paired with fabulous and completely impractical shoes, a tripod over her shoulder, on her way to one of her favorite outdoor spots for taking pictures. And if you get to meet her, she will probably make you her friend. Here are some words we recently had the pleasure of exchanging, just after she made this beautiful set of self-portraits in my Atlanta boutique.


MH: What makes a great photograph, in your opinion?

Madolyn: Just like any other form of art, a great photo should tell a story and make you feel something. We are all storytellers and I think a big part of being an artist is really refining how we capture and share our stories.


MH: I find your aesthetic to be truly tied to your home and your neighborhood—a real representation of your lifestyle. Whenever anybody asks me about what is authentic to Atlanta, I think about people like you. Using just a few resources around you, with a keen eye, you take your time to craft images and make something that is true to you.

Madolyn: Thank you so much! With so many beautiful images readily available for inspiration it can get really frustrating when you don't have the same environment or resources as what you see online. I've grown to appreciate Atlanta more than I ever thought possible—it’s beauty and the people here have created a home of creativity for me. I have met so many incredibly kind and creative women here it feels truly impossible to not feel the constant wave of inspiration and the fuel to create more beauty for others.


To see more of Madolyn’s looks, follow her on Instagram or visit her blog.

Madolyn is wearing (from top to bottom): the Selena top in black and Leslie skirt in tomato, the Jules slip dress in black, the Carrie romper in olive, and the Claire dress in black.