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Madolyn Benson—lorem ipsum dolor.

The it-girl. The influencer. The style blogger. Reese is at the top of the new wave of girls who love fashion in Atlanta. The old adage that "fashion comes and goes, style is forever" is what comes to mind when I think of Reese. One look at her blog or Instagram and it's easy to see that her references are deep and original. Her feelings resonate with her followers because they are real.



To quote Reese in a recent article in W Magazine, (yes, you heard that right) "...just be yourself, wear what you want, and don't try to censor your blog or Instagram so much that your personality doesn't shine through." This girl gets that the essence of true beauty is who you are; she's the epitome of effortless-chic. 

Reese, photographed by Jennifer Grimm, wears my Sawyer Sweatshirt