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Mattiel — one name is all it takes.

When I think of Mattiel, in an instant, I can conjure images of a South American cowgirl, a 60's bra-burning protester, a mystic, a Parisian girl who gives new meaning to je ne sai quoi...

In her real life (not in my imagination) she is just this dynamic. As a designer, illustrator, and musician, Mattiel was born an only child in Georgia and grew up working on her mother’s farm. This rural, isolated space gave her room to explore her creative interests without bounds. 


I often try to describe what it is about Atlanta that makes it fertile ground for creativity. I suppose this is part of it—the ability to explore in these spaces and landscapes without too much influence or precedent. And I suppose this is why Mattiel's sound, visuals, and style are so inspirational to me.

Oh! And her performance. She's amazing. When she kicks off her shoes, you know it's about to get good.

Listen to her here.